How to Submit a Support Ticket

Support Tickets at Cloud Coach There may come a time when you have a question regarding Cloud Coach functionality, or need to report a potential, or submit a feature request. Luckily, there is a process at Cloud Coach where you can submit inquiries to have a member of our support […]

Adding Cloud Coach Subscribers to your Org

Overview When you download Cloud Coach Fundamentals for the first time, you will be allocated Ten (10) Subscribers in your Salesforce instance. Follow the steps below to learn how to assign users Adding a Cloud Coach User In order to assign someone as a Cloud Coach user, you will need […]

Cloud Coach and RemedyForce

OVERVIEW Cloud Coach and RemedyForce have come together on the Salesforce platform to integrate operations with projects. Moving and maintaining date between the two applications is simple and made easier by using the existing power of Salesforce to automate project and ticket creation as well as report on those activities. […]

Summer 2019 Release Notes

Cloud Coach Fundamentals – Version 3.107 Why the name change? We have had a lot of feedback about people getting confused between the Cloud Coach Milestones and the other apps named Milestones on the AppExchange, so to make a clean break we decided to make a name change at the […]

Task Assignment

OVERVIEW Planning and executing projects requires the alignment of many moving parts and pieces. The human resources on a project must be planned for and assigned to the right tasks at the right time to ensure the successful delivery of products, services, or results. Assigning human resources to tasks in […]

Editing a Project or Template

OVERVIEW Projects and templates can change over time, what was once considered best practice evolves and for that reason, making changes to an existing project or template is necessary. Editing a Project or Template in Cloud Coach once it has been saved can be done from multiple screens and in […]

Tips for Using Change Sets

Installing Cloud Coach can be as simple as clicking “Install Now” from the AppExchange, but the recommended path to success with Cloud Coach Fundamentals (or any app) is to install in a sandbox, customize the configuration, and complete testing before promoting to production and going “live” with the tool. Instead […]

Can I automate project health updates?

Q: Can I automate project health updates? Yes. When using the Project Health Traffic light the Traffic Light itself is driven off a picklist. However, making the traffic light to change automatically can be done through using standard Salesforce automation. For this automation you will need to use Process Builder. […]

How is task order determined?

Tasks are the third level of the project hierarchy. They sit under Project and Phase (if you’re using Professional), but above Sub-Tasks. Tasks are usually the smallest package a Project Manager will manage to and usually last between 8 and 80 hours. Tasks provide a basis for estimating, scheduling, executing, […]