How is task order determined?

Tasks are the third level of the project hierarchy. They sit under Project and Phase (if you’re using Professional), but above Sub-Tasks. Tasks are usually the smallest package a Project Manager will manage to and usually last between 8 and 80 hours. Tasks provide a basis for estimating, scheduling, executing, and controlling the project work.

The project views (Gantt, Board, Phase and List) in Cloud Coach Fundamentals use one of three key details to calculate task start dates. These are, in order of priority:

  1. Desired Start Date
  2. Duration
  3. Dependency

Tasks will then be organised by the calculated start date. If Desired Start Date and Duration are equal and there are no dependencies, tasks are arranged sequentially in order of record creation. The order of record creation is determined by Salesforce and does not always match the order of tasks as they are entered on the Project Creation screen. This difference occurs because of how Salesforce saves new records.

In the event that tasks are not in the desired order, renaming the existing task(s) in the proper order is a possible workaround.

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