Completion Percent in Cloud Coach Fundamentals

How does the Completion Percent work?

The completion percentage of a task in Cloud Coach Fundamentals and Professional is governed by the completion of the Sub Tasks that sit under the Task. This means that as you complete your Sub Tasks the ‘Completion Percent’ field on the task will automatically be updated. This in turn drives the colour change of the associated bar on the gantt chart.

The ‘Completion Percent’ field is a managed formula field and as such this cannot be updated manually and the formula cannot be edited.

What to do if you don’t use Sub Tasks?

We understand that not every task will have relevant sub tasks, and not every firm will want to use sub tasks in the first place. There are two relatively simple workarounds that can be used to display completion percent. These are:

  1. Set your sub tasks as your desired completion percent values. For example you could set your Sub Task names as: 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. This would set the ‘Completion Percent’ field to matching values and will drive the colour change on the associated bar. These sub tasks can also be templatised like any other sub task to ensure that they are always present where and when your Project Managers need them.
  2. Alternatively you can create your own ‘Completion Percent’ field (though you will need to use a different API name to avoid clashes with the managed field). This can be added to the side panel and reported on to give an accurate view of how far along your task is. Please note: this method will not drive the colour change on the gantt chart

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