Completion Percent in Cloud Coach Fundamentals

How does the Completion Percent work? The completion percentage of a task in Cloud Coach Fundamentals and Professional is governed by the completion of the Sub Tasks that sit under the Task. This means that as you complete your Sub Tasks the ‘Completion Percent’ field on the task will automatically […]

Alerting Users that their Task is Due to Start

OVERVIEW Staying on top of tasks can be complicated. Users might be managing Accounts, Opportunities and Cases all while still working on Cloud Coach projects and tasks. Cloud Coach recommends set up notifications to channel users to the My Assignments page. Using the Email Alerts action in process builder can […]

New Object Names

In order to facilitate the redesign that has come with the new Fundamentals release some object names have been changed. These are: Milestones Project which has had the label changed to Project  Milestones Phase which has had the label changed to Phase Milestones Task which has had the label changed […]

Project Documents

OVERVIEW Documents can be uploaded using the Documentation tab in the navigation bar when a project is selected, the Chatter feed on a details page, and the Chatter tabs on Cross Project and Project Gantt side panels. Adding files that are related to a project allow all the people who work […]

Why can’t I access all of the features?

Cloud Coach Fundamentals is our free Project Management solution and it displays some areas that may not be available for all users. These areas are unlocked in an upgrade package called Professional which offers enhanced functionality and additional tools. Though all areas are visible to users in both Fundamentals and […]

Data Extraction and Backup

The data generated in Salesforce from projects, time entries, tasks and all the other objects is valuable both as it’s being created, but it’s value doesn’t end when the project is completed. Historical data plays a role in future projects and it’s import that it’s being maintained. Though there are […]