Why use Phases?



A phase is defined as “a collection of logically related project activities that culminates in the completion of one or more deliverables.” In Cloud Coach we use phases to group related tasks in a project.

The number of, and need for, phases is dependent on the size, complexity and potential impact of the project. A project may be divided into any number of phases. Project phases are used when the nature of the work to be performed is unique to a portion of a project, and are typically linked to the development of a specific major deliverable. Phases are typically completed sequentially, but may overlap depending on the situation.

The characteristics of phases include:

  • The work having a distinct focus that differs from any other phase
  • Achieving the primary goal or deliverable requires unique control or processes
  • Phase closure results in some form of transfer or handoff of the work product produced

If you are used to managing projects with milestones then you may notice the similarity between the end of a phase and a milestone. This is because milestone should describe the goal; when we get there, that’s the event. If we draw the parallels between phases and milestones then the goal is the deliverable achieved during the phases is the goal and the phase end date is the event of the milestone.



Not all project life cycles are phased. As such, it is important to determine the type of project being  run before deciding the number of phases needed. For example, in an organization that uses agile methodology, the focus may be on Boards than phases. Project life cycles that are more likely to utilize phases are:

  • Predictive (Plan-driven)
  • Iterative
  • Incremental



Phases are not currently available in the Fundamentals (free) tier of our product. They are unlocked when the Professional tier is purchased and installed. To learn more about what is included in the upgrade to Cloud Coach Professional and the benefits it can drive for your projects and organization please visit our Pricing Page or contact us at fundamentals@cloudcoach.com.

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