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The Cross Project Gantt is found on the landing page when the Projects tab is selected. From this view, Project Managers can manage and update project details across multiple projects, collaborate with the project team via chatter, and even resource projects. Gantt charts convey this information visually. They outline all of the tasks involved in a project and their order, shown against a timescale. The Cross Project Gantt is an instant overview of a project, its associated tasks, and when these need to be finished.


1. List views – Filter the Cross Project Gantt view using Salesforce List Views.
    – NEW: Favorites – Flag project as a “Favorite” to selectively display projects in this view.
2. Gantt – Displays projects filtered by selected list view in a Gantt view
    – Sort: Ascending/Descending by Date or Project Name
    – View Options: Fit (default), Week, Month, Year, Day, Quarter
    Project List – Displays projects filtered by selected list view in an editable table
    – Column Headers controlled by custom field set on Project object. A custom field set must be created with the API name  “column_headers” and can be prefixed with the name of a record type.
Example: If there are project record types named IT and Professional Services, respectively, column headers displayed for these record types can be different using the naming conventions “it_column_headers” and “professional_services_column_headers”, respectively.
    – Filter: Filter by field using Quick or Advanced Filter options
Action Arrow (Project Name Column) = jump to Project’s Timelines, Summary, Resource, Documentation, Controls, Financials sections.
    –  /Favorite Project Flag – Click icon to flag/unflag a project for display in the “Favorites” list view option. Controlled at the user level. Each user can flag projects based on their own preference and need.
3. Project View Controls:
    – / – Collapse/Expand Cross Project Gantt side panel
    –   – Refresh page
    – New Project button – create a new project in the Project Creation Wizard
    – button – Switch view to standard Salesforce list view

4. Side Panel – Charts, Project Details (editable in line or overlay using  icon), Chatter, and Time Entry tabs available
    – Side panel Details tab fields are controlled by custom field set on Project object.
Example: If there are project record types named IT and Professional Services, respectively, fields in the Details side panel tab displayed for these record types can be different using the naming conventions “it_sidepanel” and “professional_services_sidepanel”, respectively.


Project Managers can now update and manage their projects using the side panel on the right hand side of the page. There are three separate tabs (left to right) in the panel:


The Charts tab displays two read-only charts derived from standard Cloud Coach fields: Task Status, and Task Completion.

Task Status: Breaks down the status of different tasks associated with a specific project.

Task Completion: Breaks down tasks into colored segments indicating status of On Time, Early, and Late. The donut chart only updates when the ‘Completed’ box is checked off for each task.


The Details tab displays pertinent project fields found on the project detail page. Fields in this set can be added and removed by an Administrator. Depending on the permissions of the user and the type of field, standard and custom fields that have been added to the field set can be manually edited directly in the panel. Record Types are supported.

Fields that are editable have a icon to the right as when hovered over. The user can make changes to the fields on the fly. 


The Chatter tab pulls in the Chatter feed from the Project record and is ideal for project-wide communication. Any Chatter comments made on the standard project detail page will be displayed in the Cross Project chatter tab, and vice versa.

Chatter allows the user to @ mention members related to the project. When a reply is made, the original poster is notified by email.

Documents and Files can be uploaded using Chatter. To preview the document, hover over the link. Documents and Files added to the project via Chatter will roll up under the Documents section of the project path.


Time Entry at the project level is not enabled by default. This will require the creation of a lookup field on the Time Entry object to Project. When this lookup is created, the Time Entry tab allows users to record time against the Project. Any time entered using the side panel is automatically attached to the logged in user’s time card.

The details displayed are configurable using the Quick Entry field set on the Time Entry object.

NOTE: Time Entry is only available for Professional users. Fundamentals users will be able to see the tab, but will not be able to enter time. To learn more about what is included in the upgrade to Cloud Coach Professional and the benefits it can drive for your projects and organization please visit our Pricing Page or contact us at

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